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Some basics: power usage

A hybrid can run on electricity, but like most the Insight does not come with a plug - it has to make its own.
It will do that by using the 10 kW pancake motor/generator bolted to the crankshaft where the flywheel would be.

When decelerating the CVT gearbox will rev the engine with DFCO and valves shut for minimal friction so the generator can charge the pack.
Likewise, under light load the generator will sap some of the engine power to keep the battery charged.

When accelerating the motor will pull in unison with the engine, and under very light load the motor will turn over the engine in DFCO etc; as it does not use gas then that's pure EV mode despite the moving pistons.

The Insight does have a 12V starter motor but no alternator; instead the 12 Volt system gets fed by a DC-DC converter powered by the IMA system.

The hybrid principle dictates that electric usage and regeneration are in balance - in the long run you cannot pull out more than you put in.
Which is a pity, as there are way more opportunities to use that power to good benefit than there are to gain it back for free.

Hence my plan to boost it.
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