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Battery type

The US Dep. of Energy tests suggest that the voltage of a half charged IMA battery sits around 105 Volt, a bit dependent on the mileage on the battery.
My relatively lightly used battery rests around 107 Volt.

110 Volt and upwards corresponds to at least 90% SOC; at that level the Insight should use all means to reduce it by using electricity.
The max level in the test is 117 Volt.
In order to have good boost the parallel pack needs a lower limit of about 110 Volt and an upper limit no higher than 117 Volt.
That is just 6% between fully charged and empty.

IMHO only LiFePO4 batteries can operate in such a tight range.

I could string 36 of these together to get 117 Volt worth, but I'd need a BMS and the like.

Alternatively, nine of EV-Power | LiFePO4 Battery Pack (12V/12Ah PCM) would make me need just 9 simple 12V charges and the standard stuff, but are a bit pricey.

Then 3 of these bicycle batteries EV-Power | Battery for EV bikes - EVBike 36V/10Ah (black case) come with chargers and all.

(I would not use the antlers just the battery)
Having 3 separate units makes installing and charging relatively easy, sadly the charging time is not that great, nor is the max power output (I guess).

The last pack came with a graph that shows what voltage and voltage drop to expect from the battery.

The 12 cell pack sets off at about 39 volt, so 36 cells (in whichever configuration) will yield about 117 Volt - about the max I'd subject the OEM pack to.
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