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Pulstar pulse plugs

Hi guys. This is the CEO of Enerpulse, the maker of Pulstar pulse plugs. I see your interest in learning more about Pulstar. With all the hype out there, I can certainly understand your skepticism. Let me just say that Pulstar does not count on tip design (standard J gap) to ignited fuel. Generally, when you see a plug offering up a new tip design your should have a certain amount of skepticism.

We ignite fuel with power derived from a capacitor build into the plug. This boosts energy to the spark gap much like a camera flash boosts energy to light. This initiates ignition at a much larger aperture than a spark plug igniting more of the existing fuel in a a shorter period of time. Sort of like lighting a field of grass with a match or a bomb. Grass burns at a fixed rate, but if you initiate the burning with a larger area, the field will burn in a shorter period of time releasing all of it BTUs in that period of time. In a car BTU translates to cylinder pressure.

Sorry for the long winded discussion, but my challenge is to get consumers to understand our technology and why it is different from spark plugs. I will be happy to answer any questions you have and if one of you is willing to do a comprehensive test of the product and report your findings, I will make it available free. Email me at
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