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Originally Posted by Chrysler kid View Post
Vacuum gauge for me, I didn't feel like having an obtuse rectangle on my dash was cohesive to my interior, that and lean burn makes any calculations hard to ensure are correct

Anyways the vacuum gauge is great to see the engine load. Best mod by far, it's hooked into the main pcv line on the intake manifold

On the civic my best tanks are with no pulse and glide, just using a light foot and keeping the vacuum gauge in the green as much as possible. Lean burn or not my civic seems to be very effecient even at idle
Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
I agree with you Chrystler about the vac gauge, and I now and then think about exactly this arrangement on my dash. My UG is down near the shifter now, because I didn't like the look. A nice classic round white-on-black vac gauge looks much better, and it is in the easiest possible line of sight. Looks good!
Just bought a vac gauge last night, found the popular autometer one for 23$ on amazon which is a steal, you guys have any problem with the tubing that comes with it? A lot of complaints about the tubing in the reviews for it.
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