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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I"ll look at that when I can. I was recently robbed (at gunpoint! yay!) and they stole my work laptop and car, and the laptop had a year worth of work on it, so I'm trying my best to replace things as fast as possible so I don't become a liability to my company.
Yikes! not good.

I'm thinking that I may not care in the short term. Use more IRFP4668 MOSFETs instead of the flyback diodes and let the MOSFET body-diode act as the flyback. The IRFP4668 diodes seems to be much slower than the STTH6002C not sure what impact that would have.

I found this really strange PI algorithm to copy for the field control...

If that works I can get rid of the current crappy controller and have some forward performance.

Regen looks as though it's going to be time consuming. Not so much excessively complex as lots of details and parameter tweaking. (And I get to work on it in small stages months apart by which time I've forgotten the little I knew).
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