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skirts this way

Originally Posted by BabyDiesel View Post
Do you mind explaining why having our side skirts this way is equivalent of piercing our foots with bullets?
*The path down the sides of a car is the shortest and most direct route the air can take to the rear.
*Allowing the air to flow as smoothly as possible there ensures the lowest drag.
*If the pathway is interrupted with a void (behind the front tires) we lose the flow right there.
*There will be reattachment downstream,but that pocket of turbulence has to be paid for with extra drag,continuously as we drive.
*Truly low-drag forms will have flush sides,or better,fully-enclosed flush sides,apart from any Coke-bottling done for pressure control.
*On a semi,the landing gear handle is inset to the trailer frame,and also the spare tire /chain rack.
*'Store-bought' trailer skirts are often 'wedged',as a courtesy to the OTR operator who's got to deal with dropping trailers and flat tires.
*Aerodynamically,it's a compromise.No low-drag concept truck uses non-parallel skirts.
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