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Originally Posted by whatmaycome14 View Post
Aerohead, I appreciate what you've said, but it stirred a question in my mind. I couldn't help but notice that on the bottom of the McLaren mp4-12c has some very short "skirts" behind the front wheels. Is this at all related to the fact that the car doesn't have any side skirts hanging that low?
The McLaren is low,and subject to ground strikes,and to keep customers happy no doubt have had to be careful that in day to day driving,the car doesn't lose all utility.
The skirts they have help channel air for the rear cooling functions and they are Whitcomb-waisted to moderate pressures along the pathway.I suspect that they spent $100,000 developing them.
These supercars pay particular attention to high speed stability,low drag taking a back seat on priorities.
Sports cars lead low drag design until the Maxda GLC entered the market.Ever since,the average,entry level passenger car has had lower drag than these ubercoupes.
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