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There are a few more words misspelled that just one. Normally people can work out what you mean but sometimes a misspelled word changes the entire meaning of the sentence making it difficult to easily understand the issue.
Originally Posted by kenfrank View Post
...when I step on my gas petal to go it drops to 0 volts and I can go.
I am assuming you meant "i can't go."

If so then Old Mechanic has given you the most likely cause.
A voltage that reads correct under no load and then drops to near zero when a significant load is placed on it is usually a bad connection (high resistance).
The bad connection may be one of the battery connections (most likely) but could also be an internal connection in the controller or a failing contactor etc.

Use a volt meter to measure each connection.
Look for a connection with a raised temperature.
Check the torque on each of your battery connections (with an insulated tool for safety).
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