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dparker -

Thank you for posting on Ecomodder!

Originally Posted by dparker View Post
Well, it would have taken a little more that just saying you would test. But, you are right we often just have to trust people.

CarloSW2, I would very much like to understand your vehicle and test protocol. If you feel they didn't work maybe there is something wrong. We will stand behind our product. Give me details.
One of your representatives (Kyle) contacted me on another forum. In the other thread, you will see my testing and results :

This is my specific posting on the subject : - Post #20

In the above posting, I describe what happened but I *don't* come to the conclusion that the product won't work for all cars. During my interaction with Kyle, we came to the hypothesis that we didn't have the right gapping for my 1999 Saturn DOHC SW2. You state the same in the above thread. Most likely, Pulstar plugs had never been tested on my (out of production) engine.

I never paid for the Pulstar Plugs. But, I got cold feet when it didn't work twice, so I didn't want to do any more testing. It's my daily car, so I can't afford any down time.


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