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Originally Posted by dparker View Post
CarloSW2, you are probably right about our testing on your particular car. I certainly understand that you would not want to experiment any further. We do appreciate your honest try, though. We are constanly testing vehicles in our lab. and we occasionally find some that just don't like certain plugs by any maker. Just out of curiosity, were there other mods. to your engine that may have influenced your test? In any event, thanks.
I think the only mod that might effect the test is my Hot-Air-Intake. That is the only mod which effects combustion (I didn't try the EFIE or the hydrogen gizmo during the test). It would have been running at IAT temperatures of around 120-130 degrees F. My car was running Denso Iridiums before and after the test, which might have put the car in a "Denso Iridium" mode. I made a point to reset the ECU/PCM during the testing, but the outcome was the same.

I think my DOHC aluminum block engine design goes back to circa 1989. I like to think of it as a "proto-Ecotec", but that really isn't true. It is a waste-spark ignition design. There are a lot of cars with this, like Jeeps, and the current Ecotec uses waste-spark also.

Here's my car and it's mods :

1999 Saturn SW2
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