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Don't laugh at me now, I'm completely new to this aero stuff.

I recently bought the F150. Coming from a minivan, the gas mileage is OK. I've had the Ultra Gauge for 4 days now. I'm becoming obsessed with better driving habits, and trying to improve my mpg's. I read this thread earlier, and I had a tonneau cover for the truck, but not on it. I was getting 18.7mpg with an empty bed, tailgate up. I installed the cover yesterday, and today on the same trip to work, I went down to 18.2mpg. I'm driving in a 65mph zone, going around 62, with my eye on the gauge. 60 mile round trip. F150 is the extended cab, or super cab, with a 6.5ft bed, 4.6L engine.

Tonneau cover is a cheapo, canvas cover with 3 aluminum ribs underneath, and two of those are missing.
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