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Guys, thank you for your responses and feedback. Man, some great insights (ba-doomp, kish!).

Alright, you've convinced me. I'll give the fender mods a shot! However, since the car is going to paint shortly, I'll have to this mod now, before paint. So, I'll get right on it this weekend and post progress pics soon. No need for extra fenders Victor. If I goof, I'll go get some from more, ha!

After thinking on this, and building it a few times in my head in a few different ways, I've decided the path outlined below. Definitely up for changes though, if anyone has another idea/way. The reason for going the below described path is what I think will be the easiest way to get the curve right coming out of the fender. In the Gray Civic above, they did custom foam shaping and then fiberglass to get the flow out of the fender. I'm going a bit more simplistic path, I believe. Maybe I'm wrong though...


- Cut straight line from fender opening back about 7.5" towars back of car (parellel to ground), and then cut straight down (right angle cut) leaving enough meat on fender to still leave bottom fender bolt to body in tact.

- Make support brace out of thin metal from bottom of straight parrellel cut to chassis of car (fender wheel). Bolt on with 2 SS alan head bolts to fender (for beauty) and install rivet nuts to bolt braces to inner fender .

- Attach black plastic shield just under that bracket, flush with fender cut straight through to inner-fender wall, creating a "ceiling" for the fender recession. Plastic celing piece gets riveted to fender brace listed above, as brace goes towards inner fender well.

- Take a black rubber sheet (planning on using a thick/strong yoga mat) and cut it to "stretch" from the inner part of the fenderwell across the fender and through about 1 foot of the door. (yep, that far, all the way into the door area).

- Attach the yoga mat with 3 alan head bolts to the door, using rivnuts drilled to door (hey, I've already got abouty 30 installed, what's 6 more?!).

- Attach Yoga mat to inner fender well, cutting and shaping/stretching it, and attaching it in a way that follows a nice curve-exit of air coming out of fender well behind tire.

- When door opens, yoga material will collapse out (like an accordian). When door closes, it pulls tight to the body, hugging the "curve" as well and allowing for smooth airflow.

We'll, thats the plan, atleast. Aesthetically, I think it will pull off well. Straight cuts on the fender well will make the cutting/modding easier, and prevent warping to the fender. The black material stretching back into the door frame is wild, i know, but I believe (hope) the finished result will be similar to the looks of an Audi R8. (though nowhere near as luxurious, ha!)


I've got to hurry, as I have to submit my entry-application with 5 pictures by 5/31 to get reviewed for entry into the VIP show area for Honda Day in June. Car has to be painted, and back together by then. I really want the VX in the VIP (show) area, and not the parking lot, to help spread news about hypermiling and ecomodding to the Honda tuning community.
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