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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
I remember the 1st-gen Honda Fit (as we know it in Brazil) had the CVT, and its lack of responsiveness was often criticized. The 2nd-gen had a 5-speed automatic, and Honda's excuse for that move was the CVT wouldn't be suitable for the flexfuel engines used here, but the 3rd-gen reintroduced the CVT.

Anyway, the Brio is still not available back here, but is scheduled to be introduced locally. Is yours a hatchback or a sedan?
Our CVT had 90% failure rate due to wrong gear fluid used when the car was sold... So much for Asian competence... The new Honda CVT has torque converter and proper maintenance service bulletin.

My Brio is the hatchback version since sedan carries a hefty premium tax in my country. It's a very fun car... Not so much fun to fit into my garage (car is too darn low, need to maneuver the car carefully), but driving above 20-30 KpH it's a blast... At slow speed the gearbox ratio is as the same as the 1.3L, so you can feel the gearbox wants to shift up but not enough torque. Oh, I fail to mention we have the 1.2L 5AT/5MT Brio hatch. The Brio MPV or lovingly called Mobilio has the 1.5L CVT/5MT option. Really wished the Brio got CVT but kind of scared...

Also, for some stupid reason (another Asian competence?) My top of the line Brio fails to have underbody panel like its cheaper variants... How can a top of the line car is missing a feature?
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