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Originally Posted by Midi_Amp View Post
Hi Niky, we have the same 5 speed auto, Honda just slowly reintroducing the CVT back to its lineup after the whole mess (90% failure rate) of first gen Jazz CVT. I prefer the CVT myself but since I'm one of the victim of failed CVT pack of the first gen Jazz, kind of scary driving a CVT again.
Same issue. Same solution... TSB to correct the dealer practice of using ATF instead of CVTF... though our failure rates aren't quite as high, it was a big black eye to the brand here.

The new one seems more durable... and the CVT+TC combo is definitely better than the five-speed AT the Brio inherited from the previous generation Jazz/Fit.


Perhaps if you go for a flexible front air dam, the lack of the underbody panel won't be so bad.

Typically, with small cars in our traffic, every little bit of driveline drag counts... auto transmission... air-conditioner... I usually experiment to see how high (temperature-wise) I can set the thermostat while still not sweating like a pig. Has a big effect in traffic, though it can be distracting fiddling with it so much.
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