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Jet Performance ECU tuning

Well I originally thought ECU re-tuning was out of the question for OBD II vehicles registered in California. But I found the following at their website:

Are JET Performance Chips emissions legal?
Yes. All JET Performance Chips and most Performance Modules are 50 state emissions legal. They do not change the emissions at all from the stock tuning chip for any Federal or lo$cal emissions test. C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board) has issued Executive Order numbers D-234 through D-234-6 covering all JET Performance Power Chips, making JET Performance chips the most complete line of high-performance chips that can legally be sold, installed, and driven in the state of California. Because of C.A.R.B.'s very rigid rules concerning exhaust emissions, the Environmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A. ) accepts C.A.R.B. approval as evidence that an aftermarket part is clean and suitable for use in all other 49 states
Frequently Asked Questions - JET Performance Products, Import & Domestic Performance, Performance Kits, Fuel Systems, Transmissions

Which has me interested in following up with Jet Performance in a couple of days. the price for the service has certainly dropped from $399 to 299 on

My question is whether anyone here has tried it. I have a spare ECU for my car. I found a $60 ebay unit with a Toyota part number matching my own.

UPDATED: Well I just got off the phone with Jet Performance and the ECU upgrade product does not have C.A.R.B E.O. number. the customer service person wanted to argue with me that the FAQ section was not misleading by including specific Executive Order numbers. So I ended the call. Buyer Beware.

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