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inside the boot

Originally Posted by jondoeclsm View Post
I was removing the old shocks on the rear today and had to make a small hole in the rear of the wheel arch in the boot space.. this got me thinking, would the rear wheels benefit from venting them inside the boot space and letting that air out of the vertical rear which is the boot?

My thoughts are that it may be beneficial as the very low pressure at the rear could be 'fed' from the wheel arches.

Also a lot of race cars now use vents rear of the front wheels, this would be a vent at the rear of the rear wheels.
*The rear of the wheelhouse is almost to the back of the car,so the pressures would be very similar and might not induce any flow if you opened up a channel.
*Also,the turbulence behind the back of the rear tires is already part of the wake which would really frustrate any induced flow.
*Ducting air inside the body would itself induce surface friction.
*The Ferrari 599XX race car does use ducting,but uses dual,high -static- pressure blowers to induce pulsed flow out the taillight openings.They claim that they can detach the wake this way.
If you want to look at the state-of-the-art in high-porosity race design,check out Bolby's new LeManns NISSAN NISMO

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