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Ok, thank you again.

I am working towards a load of improvements on the car. My other firecat is a tuned 1.3 turbo and my aim is to reduce track time from the terrible 1min 33 I was doing down to 1 min 25 through
aero mods,
significant suspension mods,
tuning the 1.4 turbo to go a little further than the tuned 1.3 and
getting my driving better with that car which not only had I not got to grips with but also I am currently under the impression I have never turned in fast enough and I need to work on my braking too.
All important aspects. I hope the aero can give me 5 of the 8, the last 3 will be very hard. Not just to reduced drag on the aero front but also being able to corner harder and brake later.
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