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Update 5/22//15: Tint + Interior Restoration Continued (Panels Dyed Black)

I began a new job this week, so it was a good bit hectic. However, I did manage to move forward with the project a bit.

I found a great deal on tint about 20 miles from me in Lincolnton, NC. The Tint Shop; owner Joe working on the car:

He’s a “car guy” and we had a great conversation at drop-off and pick-up. He wanted to know more about ecomodding and why the car looks the way it does. After my visit, he ended up posting a pic of the car with a blurb on his FB page. I told him 72mpg highway, not 76mpg. But hey, I’ll take it, ha!

Here’s the “after” pics. 35% tint all-around (darkest legally allowable in NC):

You may notice in the pics that I had Safelite Glass come out about 2 weeks ago to replace the front windshield, due to a crack from a rock on the highway. Since I’m not running sun visors, I had Joe add a thick (circa 9”) banner to the front windshield, in aggressive tint (probably about 20%). Here’s the view from the inside. This helps greatly with holding of f sun glare. View from inside the cabin:

I then cleaned out the inside of the car with soap and water.

I also cleaned all of the lower (black) plastics to prepare for re-install:

I then set to paint the upper plastics (light grey from Honda) black to match the rest of the interior. I had a bear of a time, though. I cleaned them and sprayed them with an SEM flexible plastic primer. However, it bubbled and flaked right off, and would not stick to the upper plastics. I think, for one, it was an older can. What I get for shopping at Napa... Aside from that, it was just a terrible product, which I’ve never experienced with SEM. But, after a round of sanding all the chipping primer off, I was finally able to move forward with adding the SEM “Color Coat” Laduana Black paint. I used 2 cans to do all the plastics in the below pics.

Here’s how I painted all of the small items:

This weekend, I hope to wrap the headliner, and get the interior back together. We’ll see what else I can get done and I’ll be back with all of the progress.

Until then, thank YOU for ecoTuning in!
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