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Here is a link to one of the better electric bike forums: • Index page

I have been involved in electric assist bikes for about 6 years and am a support guy (Retired Electronis guru) for a few major manufacturers and dealers. (Bionx Giant Cyclone etc)

For folks interested in the 'lay down' bikes (Recumbents) here is a great site: (having volume/bandwidth problems currently)

'BentRider Online Forums - Powered by vBulletin

Anyway if you are looking for a way to save some time and money, while doing some pedalling (so you can quite the treadmill in more ways than one) drop me a line for some honest advice.
doenterprises at yahoo dot com

These ebike guys are real good at getting the maximum out of only 1kwh of power, which is about the most any ebike carries. I am supportive of the ebike type where you need to pedal... might as well as long as you are there, it saves money in multiple ways... and the beer tastes better when you are done.

anyway, looking for tips on this forum on improving my old Ply minivans FE.


dick in colorado
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