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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The type of fuse and the amp rating for the fuse determines the voltage.
Glass tube type fuses can be rated from 24 or 36 volts up to 250 volts. The lower 5 and 10 amp fuses are rated up to 250 and the 20 amp ones are rated for 36.
Automotive buss or blade type fuses are usually considered to be good for up to 36 volts. (its usually not an issues since 99% of the time they are used on 12v systems)

For the 400 amp high voltage fuse you are going to have to try and find a high voltage motor controller slow blow fuse. That is the closest thing to your application I can think of.
I have the 400 amp fuse already. It shipped with the controller.

I'm just concerned with the smaller fuses. I checked out lowes and looked at the fuses. The blade fuses, which I was wanting, were rated at 36 volts. So were most of the glass ones. So they looked to be the same.

I didn't buy anything at lowes because I didn't find anything specific. Will the 36v fuses work for this application? Because my bigger main question is how do I determine the voltage rating needed for the fuse?
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