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Betsy - '97 Honda Civic HX
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Mpguino settings Civic Hx

First of all, Hello all. I am new to the ecomodder scene but so far have liked what I've seen here. Just signed up but have been lurking on here for quite some time now.
I obtained a stock '97 Civic Hx through trade about a year ago after a devastating engine fire fiasco on my '98 Eclipse GSX. Since then I have absolutely loved the MPG this car puts out as is. About low to mid 40s, especially after some much need maintenance(egr was a mess). I now see that my '03 Tiburon Gt (my other car),which only gets about 23mpg, has been bleeding me dry. Purchased a MPguino for the Hx from not too long after getting the car but just got around to installing it about a week ago. I love this little thing. Almost turns it into a game while driving to see how fuel efficient you can be. I have a vague understanding of the calibration thanks to the wiki page and installation page on the sellers website. What I don't know is about the other settings for my specific vehicle such as delay/inj. type/ect.. Any Hx owners with a finely tuned Mpguino that would like to shed some light? I guess all of the settings info would be helpful as a starting point. Please and thanks

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