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Honda Pilot where to start?

New to the forum and signed up, finally, after lurking for years. Thanks to all for this service.

I have a nice, reliable Pilot that I can't sell (wo selling at a steep loss) but I despise the MPG. (FWIW, when I bought it, I lived in the snowbelt, like several hours north of Green Bay, needed the seats, needed the (small) towing capability, and replaced a gas guzzling Expedition... though I thought the MPG for the Pilot would be higher.) I know a more fuel efficient vehicle would be the best mod, but it's not in the cards at the moment.

If I could bump up the mpg a few, maybe it's like driving a Subaru? I know. Not really. 27, like reported on the "Super Pilot" thread, would be hard to imagine. I drive with a light foot, but average around 17. Also gaining three to ten mpg would be a huge gain percentage wise for this vehicle.

My first step will probably be removing the roof rack and some seats.

Next will be getting sorely needed new tires. In the meantime, I'm bumping up the tire pressure to max tire pressure for now. I may get narrower 215/75/16 to replace the 235/70/16 currently on the truck. Taller tires were considered also but tires like the 235/85/16s are about twice as heavy. I'm guessing the weight will offset the increase in effective gearing. I'm also not sure I have room in the fenderwell.

I'm thinking about LRRs. Worth it? Or just get a highway tread all-season that seem to wear twice as long? How about LRR 235s vs regular 215s (as I don't see LRR 215/75/16s)?

I'm just learning about these cheap air dams and underbelly panels, and saw the "super pilot" thread. Those might be next. It will have to be very modest. My wife won't drive anything too strange. Luckily the black garden edging will hide well beneath that vehicle.

Down the road, I'm considering removing the AWD, primarily bc it's making noise occasionally (propeller/drive shaft), and I never need it now that we've moved farther south. People on honda suv forums report several mpg gain from this despite low reported penalty per EPA. (Doesn't make sense to me. The epa course must not engage the awd at all.)

Comments from those with experience?

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