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Yaris What????
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The laptop is great it does need another gig of ram to speed up a lil but overall pretty good. Dell won't replace it under warranty. When I asked the tech for spec on the battery such as how many deep cycles till the life expectancy is over, if it has a charge memory, and who the supplier was. he simply did not know and did not look. You can take a shot at my choices in life I love my Yaris, it will be the last gas powered vehicle I own. Atleast I didn't pay a premium price for a Honda even used you pay for the H, but thats another arguement Why would you remove the battery? To expose the connectors to dust? Possibilities of losing it? Most people are under the assumption that the charger is smart and stops charging once the battery is full. I don't have a wife and never will, women never interested me in life.

edit: Yaris must be good because unlike the Fit people keep buying them.
Yaris Liftback + 3 Adults + Toddler + Luggage/Crap = 40mpg@80mph
It just came to me about blogging lol. Its like an orgasm a few good shots and the rest is dribbles lol!