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Thanks for the link. That is exactly what I needed.

I don't know about the Sienna. They have to be non permanent. It's a new car. (First in 25 year I might add.)

I like the Echo well enough. A ZX2 was also on the list. A few others. It will depend on the condition of the car more than anything else. But I would have to get rid of the Pilot first. The market for SUVs gets soft in the summer (and the market for vans gets soft in the winter).

I like that 215/85/16 LRR. It's about 1.5 inches taller though. I'll have to check to see if I have room. They are also 10lbs heavier. hmmmm.... Unserviced may be pushing it. We have a guy who plows but it's not that often and no salt. Most of the people out my road have 4wd but I'm sure I could get by with FWD. Heck I drove a RWD up in the Great White North my first year there.

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