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Its been a while since I owned or serviced my 92'Civic CX, but that first valve adjustment at 30K miles was a modest improvement. Intake valve on cylinder 1 was way out of spec at that time. (too much gap)So once adjusted the car was perkier on hard acceleration. I don't recall ever needing much adjustment after the first 30K service. I do recall replacing the valve cover spark plug gaskets/seals a couple of times on cylinder 3 and 4. Wait was it 2 and 3. I can't remember now. I read somewhere, that you should tried to get the gap within 90%+ on all cylinders of the closest to specs on intake valves. Not sure on exhaust. Supposedly, doing so assures the vortec or swirl effect is more "efficient" The author was a California Smog 90 certification holder.... I think the title was "How to fix, repair, and maintain your Honda." It was a good read, that I gave away shortly after trading the car.

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