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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
That is looking good. You should now try maybe 3000 or 4000 (or more?) for kp, and gradually increase ki in that situation too (starting small). haha. I bet you can get even faster convergence.
Is Kp 2000 and Ki 320 OK for a test spin on the motor? It looks reasonable to me ...

I agree that the response could be better but I still don't really understand what shape you are looking for. Fastest possible drop to 0 with only one small overshoot? But this motor was a test that I could do inside while it was cold in the garage .... and it's summer now! This has taken me *MUCH* longer than I was expecting.

If those values are OK, what code should I be running to do the test spin? It would be nice to prove out the encoder signal, verify the throttle response, and get some scope traces for this 5 HP motor.

Then I'd like to move the test setup to the garage and work on the Siemens AC motor that is coupled to the Warp 9 DC motor. I'll likely grab 1/3 of the pack from my car, approx 130VDC 60 a-h renault/nissan leaf pack.

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