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Nice cars get attention, and you do actually feel better when you are driving around in one. Kind of like when you are wearing nice clothes, you just feel like you look better. To a point - a nice BMW or Mercedes, maybe a new Mustang or F150, ya I feel good. I drove my buddies Porsche, and his Ferrari once, and I just felt like an a$$hole haha.

But honestly, as long as whatever I am driving is clean, there's gas in the tank, and it will start, I'll go anywhere and have fun with it. Being in the car business I get grief like you can't believe from people, "You are still driving THAT thing??" but I keep doing it, I like this stuff, it's fun! I cross the border a lot, and I had to stop taking my CX across as apparently the border patrol now equates a beater with a smuggler - the patrol agents that walk up and down the lines of cars waiting to get to the booths ask "How long have you had this car for?" when they see a beater. I've had it for 3 years or so. If I lie I'm a smuggler, if I tell the truth I'm a really good smuggler it seems, either way I get pulled in and my car searched. So I take the Miata when I have to go south, it's old and nerdy too but at least it doesn't get me searched. People can have their fancy rides, and I may ask to borrow one on occasion, but as soon as you start putting too much money/effort into trying to look flashy, it just seems to backfire.

PS I think I need to change my email signature to "You see what I drive right? I'm way out of your league!" haha. That's gold.
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