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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I know that Top Gear story is supposed to be funny, but it just makes me sad.

If you follow EVTV's work on fast charging (they favor CHAdeMO over Tesla's Supercharger) you find that trying to dump 20-40 kilowatt/hr into a car in 20 minutes is akin to getting hit by a bolt of lightning.

DailyKanban's Ed Niedermeyer attended UofO, where Douglas C. Niedermeyer appeared in the movie Animal House. Related? But the part was played by Mark Metcalf.
A sure way to irritate him is to bring that up. I recall one auto industry official did when answering criticism posed in one of his articles.

Rather childish, actually, and a way to mask the fact that he had no good answer.


The generator issue might or might not be a systemic issue. It could just be laziness on the post of attendants, rather than a policy shortcoming.
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