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500A Controller troubleshooting

Hi all,

I hope someone can help.

I built my Cougar controller several years ago when I thought my car was closer to being ready. Boy was I wrong!!

It is finally in the car and it looks like it should work but I get no response from the throttle. I did some troubleshooting but getting nowhere.

LED's are on solid, I can watch with a multi meter as the capacitors go through the pre-charge. That takes less than 3 seconds. The contactor signal never happens so I wired a switch to close the contactor.

No throttle response.

So now I load RTD Explorer on my laptop that doesn't have an RS232 port. Got myself a USB serial adapter. So now I have no communication. Don't know if it is because the controller is now talking or the adapter is having configuration issues.

Short of finding someone with an old laptop with an RS232 port I would sure appreciate some ideas.

Thanks in advance.

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