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Vw pickup MAX mpg build!

1982 vw rabbit pickup 5 speed diesel. My goal it to get the maximum mpg out of this truck without swapping a newer engine, lets start with the engine, I plan on ceramic coating everything and using ceramic bearings, I want this engine to be able to use the lightest oil possible, I think it's also worth it to change the pistons , any other recommendations to internal engine changes? Transmission changes ceramic bearings/coated input and output shafts. To finish up this minimum friction drive line ceramic wheel bearings( might be part of the stage two build because of cost lol). Now to the valve train not sure what cam is best for the low rpm range a suggestion would be helpful, also what rpm should I try to tune this engine to mostly 55 mph driving. I have had a hard time trying to find the right header 4-2-1 not sure what's the best diameter for low rpm range either. If someone to recommend one with good build quality that would help a lot. Another question is if I put a air dam under the bumper do I still need to put a belly pan under the whole car or maybe just the back half or none at all? Does anyone know of information on building a aero cap on a rabbit specifically?

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