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Bus dies if I turn off AC

I have had a few buses do this, but only as a Soldier, not as a school bus driver. Yesterday they sent four of us 187 miles each way to pick up a bus, but it turned off on its own while I was inspecting it, so we left it, and they gave me this.

Of course, the Soldiers wanted AC, although they insist on opening windows. I think they want to watch the world burn. Running the AC keeps the bus in high idle and someone told us yesterday the bus was fine as long as we used high idle.

I really do not like getting zero MPG. There is some shade, but just dirt for sitting. I need to stay in my driver's seat right next to the dog house (the engine is right next to me), so there is a great deal of heat, and of course, I am in full uniform.

Again, I think that solar parking should be more prevalent in Arizona.

Or they should make it rain. If it ain't raining, you ain't training.

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