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Or how about diesel motor generating power that goes via a controller to electric motors.
No batteries involved.
Heaps of torque.
Works for Diesel Locomotives.
All wheels could be driven wheels increasing traction.
No transmission required.
Diesel runs at most efficient/powerful RPM as required.
If electric axles became common enough it may be viable to fit them to the trailers to have some of the power delivered to the wheels with the weight on them.
When i have seen the "road trains" that travel the cross country routes in Australia i always thought why not power them like rail trains? Seemed crazy to have one prime mover at the front trying to get many trailers of dead weight rolling.
Use the prime mover to generate the electricity and distribute it to the wheels as required.
With multiple electric motors there is lots of redundancy. Handy when you are hundreds of miles from anywhere. And taking that further why one big diesel motor when two could provide the same power but with redundancy? And when cruising one may be all that is required.
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