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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
100+ hypermiling / ecodriving tips & tactics

Feel free to use this thread to make suggestions or post additional tips.

It's a work in progress, of course, as is most of our driving.
2) Park and ride (bicycle)
If part of your commute is not biker friendly, travel to a point that is and then bike the rest of the way.

The "park and ride" concept can also be applied to carpooling and mixed private/public transit travel.

Add skateboards to that - I see a lot of being used. What other 'vehicle' fits into a backpack? LOL.

18) Lane of least resistance
In multi-lane traffic, choose the "lane of least resistance" to avoid unnecessary and unpredictable braking/changes in speed.

EG. avoid lanes where buses are starting and stopping, or cars may be braking unpredictably to turn into driveways/parking lot entrances.

Unrelated to gas economy, but still, worth noting. Try to drive in the center lane while within the city on slow-moving streets. Carjackers will invariably target people closest to the curb when stopped for red lights.

43) The most efficient way to slow down
When you *have* to slow down, here's an approximate heirarchy of methods, from best to worst.

1) coasting in neutral, engine off (ie. roll to a stop);
2) coasting in neutral, engine idling;
3) regenerative coasting (hybrid vehicles)
4) regenerative braking (hybrid vehicles)
5) coasting in "deceleration fuel cut-off" mode (in gear, above a certain engine RPM)
6) conventional friction braking (non-hybrid or hybrid)

Choosing the right method depends on traffic conditions (following vehicles) and how quickly you need to stop.

So, does this mean, Fred Flintstone's method - sticking your feet on to the road - is out? ;-)

47) Drive shoeless
Some hardcore hypermilers drive in sock or bare feet so they can modulate the accelerator to the finest degree (particularly important when "driving with load" / "target MPG driving" at cruise.

It shouldn't be that surprising. Race car drivers typically wear extremely thin-sole boots for similar reasons: for the highest level of tactile feedback from the vehicle, and to better finesse the pedals.

UNEXPECTED BENEFIT: An added benefit to driving shoeless is that it is shown that it can also keep you awake if you are on the drowsy side.

52) Encourage a pass: hug right
Drivers who travel below the normal flow of traffic should facilitate drivers approaching from behind to go past, rather than force them to slow down.

You see, it is amazing how most people speed up as soon as you as clear the way, even those who might have been previously going rather slow!!! I have watched this psychology in action so many, many times - works like clockwork. I think it does something to people when they see a free and clear path ahead. I actually love pulling over to let people go. Many a times, I have seen them being pulled over by a cop a little later! I know it's mean! LOL

Amazing how much of this, such as #56, #60, #65, #75, etc. I have been following for the past 38 years of driving, even when gas was as cheap as it is now in Venezuela.

34) Find/adopt a 'blocker' for slower freeway speeds

One solution is to find another vehicle going the speed you want to travel (large, conspicuous vehicles work particularly well) and drive either ahead of or behind it. (Note: this is not a suggestion to draft.)

Okay, one warning, though. Watch out for those rock chips kicked up by 18-wheelers. I try not to do this for a healthy windshield.

65) Parking tactics: pick the periphery
Choosing a spot in the "periphery" of a busy lot will be more efficient than navigating the rows of traffic/pedestrians to get as close as possible to the building or destination.

a. You get more exercise walking back and forth to your destination.
b. Leave your wallet in your trunk, as I do. This way, by the time you walk to the car to get your wallet, your impulse purchase desire will have disappeared.
c. My 1999 car has not ONE door dent! In most cases, you have nobody parking around you.

Also, not sure if I saw it anywhere in your list - Stopping and starting is better than idling for more than 20 seconds.

Last, but not least, fight back...bite the oil companies back...if your city has good public transit, take it! It will be definitely cheaper. I am super relaxed when I get to work after either sleeping, reading, or listening to my iPod on the train. Can you do those things while driving?

Happy savings!


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