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can't go 80

Originally Posted by Sneakybassturd69 View Post
It is definitely more effective at 80 one of the main reasons is the rabbit can't go 80 lol I got to run the guts out of it to go 70
The lack of roof could explain the difference in speed between pickup and the car.(Which means that a bedcover which looks like the original car roof would restore the performance.)
Hucho tested the Rabbit with different rooflines and they were able to drastically lower drag,although they couldn't use it in the production vehicle without going to war with Giorgetto Giurgiaro,who did the design.
It just so happens that the lowest drag appeared when the roofline respected the Template contour.

If she were mine,that's what I'd do for a cover.It's already wind tunnel tested.
Here's your pickup,2nd from bottom.You can just see the separation-induced drag.
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