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Dead battery and then a bad starter?! First a bus and now my Civic!

So, Chorizo sat for five days. It looks like I left the dome light on and then we were training in another part of the state. I stopped by my car and the battery was dead. When we were released, another Soldier tried to jump-start my car, but it would not turn over, although it tried. It sounded a little better when I held down the accelerator, but Sergeant told me to pump the gas, and it sounded terrible. He said that it sounded like it was my starter and he told the Soldier, who is often late, to take me home. Now he needs to wake up half an hour early to pick me up tomorrow morning. I am tempted to ride my bike, but I would be riding six miles with a big bag and working twelve hours.

If it is the starter, or whatever, I can fix it, but all of my tools are with Chorizo, and I cannot fix a car there without a car...

Do you guys have any ideas?

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