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hi all

i've just acquired a 2012 honda fit auto, which i plan to use for uber. i must say i'm not at all impressed with its fuel economy. the best figure i achieved on the freeway was 34, and a recent 300 mile roundtrip on freeway with two adults and two children with a/c on all the way holding a steady indicated 80 mph returned 30.9 mpg. on my morning paper route i've seen as low as 24. the combined average at the moment is a pitiful 26.

this is less than my 1996 honda civic 5-sp hatchback could achieve. considering the fit is 16 years younger with a smaller engine, variable valves, two plugs per cylinder, coil-on-plug ignition and who knows what else, this is unimpressive. there is something suspicious, since wikipedia lists the same car in UK, albeit with a 1400cc engine, getting 45 miles per US gallon.

it could be that US cars are set differently...probably to give more power at the expense of fuel consumption.

i plan some extensive mods.

1) first up is to install magnets on the fuel line and coolant hoses from magnetizerproducts

2) install fuel vaporizer agsvaporizermpg

3) install plasma ignition aquapulser

4) i'm also going to add bestline to the engine oil and fuel

5) i may try this acetone trick. youtube acetone in gas
i've found raceway sells ethanol-free fuel for 60 cents more per gal.

i'm keeping track of my mileage on fuelly

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