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thnx for your interest. i've done the usual things...tire pressure at 40 psi, clean air filter, etc. i'm not particularly interested in driving for max economy. i don't do jack rabbit starts or heavy braking anyway. driving at 60 mph in the slow lane on the freeway will cause tailgating by the trucks who want to drive at 80.

i want to see if in fact it is possible to modify these engines to get measurably improved consumption. i'm looking for at least 25%, not 1 or 2%.

incidentally, i found this on wikipedia re the european fuel economy cycle. evidently the manufacturers are allowed to make these mods

Disconnect the alternator, thus no energy is used to recharge the battery;
Use special lubricants that are not used in production cars, in order to reduce friction; this is interesting. i plan to use special lubricant myself-- bestline.
Turn off all electrical gadgets i.e. Air Con/Radio;
Adjust brakes or even disconnect them to reduce friction;
Tape up cracks between body panels and windows to reduce air resistance;
Remove Wing mirrors.[33]
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