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Originally Posted by charlo49 View Post
there is something suspicious, since wikipedia lists the same car in UK, albeit with a 1400cc engine, getting 45 miles per US gallon.

it could be that US cars are set differently...probably to give more power at the expense of fuel consumption.
The European cycle is nowhere near a real world scenario for most drivers. I would pay zero attention to it.

Courtesy of "Green Car Reports"

"We're often asked why cars sold in Europe seem to be so much more efficient than those on sale in the U.S.

Typically, it's accompanied by the mention of some supposedly 80-mpg car sold in Europe--while the best U.S.-market vehicles barely crest the 50-mpg mark.

Now, Reuters highlights one of the main reasons for the discrepancy: Not only are European tests unrealistic, but automakers exploit loopholes in the testing, further blurring the lines between rated efficiency and real-world results."

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