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Originally Posted by kenfrank View Post
I disconneted the dc-dc- converter for now.

Try to run it not a thing.
What do you mean when you say 'run it'?

when I turn on my 250amp breaker my light for the controller come on and stays on.
Is this both lights, Green and Yellow? That sounds like everything is OK at this point. Or is this another light, like on your dash?

When I turn the the controller sparks fly and blows my 250amp breaker, Now whats wrong?
Does this mean when you press the accelerator?

If you really mean that sparks fly - that would be bad! If that's what you mean, where do the sparks come from? The fuse, the contactor, the motor, the controller? Nothing should spark unless there is a bad connection.

It is difficult to figure out what is happening, even when you are there to see the problem. The fewer details you give, and the more we have to guess, the less useful our comments and guesses will be.

A description like this would be more helpful:
- I turned on the 12V to the controller. The Green and Yellow LEDs come on and stay on.
- I turned on 250 amp breaker on. The Green and Yellow LEDs stay on
- I pressed the accelerator a bit. Nothing changes. The motor does not run.
- I pressed the accelerator to about half. There are sparks from the motor and the breaker trips. The Green and Yellow LEDs are still on.
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