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i have been trying. i set the cruise control at 60 for an hour's drive on florida's backroads, which are pretty flat and generally do not have a lot of traffic. one person and a/c running. that returned 34.

i just did a 140 mile r/t on freeway. i set cruise at 70 so as not to impede traffic too much. 2 people and a/c. that returned 30.7.

i've quit the paper route and am now doing uber. that's a lot of short trips.

i'm interested in your blocking air intake idea. i'm a bit worried that here in florida in the summer with 90 deg temps it may overheat.

i've noticed the large plastic shroud that covers the underside of the engine is missing. i'm thinking of contacting honda to see how much it would cost to replace. presumably that will be adding to drag.

i'm also investigating removing the side mirrors and installing a rearview camera. any comments on that?
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