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87 octane vs 89 octane

To be honest, I'm not a gear head, I'm a computer nerd. From what I'm told this is pretty straight forward, I just want to make sure thats the case.

I recently (a day after I joined the forum) filled up all but about 3 L of my tank with 89 octane. I've been told that depending on the car, it can make a big or small difference. so far, Ive gone through roughly 34L of my tank and I am at 400 KM, making it 8.4 L/100KM (27 MPG) which is WAY better than my previous 13 L/100KM (18 MPG). So far it looks to be worth it.

Would you guys say that generally 89 octane gives substantially better results? Is it worth the money filling up on it every time? Or do most of you guys use 87?

Note: this gas is also rated to be up to 10% ethanol.

yeah i know its a noobie question but hey, you gota start somewhere.

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