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I would like that with less noise. I got the idea from your post. However I have less opportunities to get it than you do haha. I don't have those connections. I think I would go with full black or red on the off chance someone does see under it. I was considering aluminum since I live on a dirt road with stupid hillbillies that have huge stone/dirt mix and concerned with how low it is to the ground sometimes. It still has the mid section but lost the 74101-S3Y-000 FENDER, RIGHT FRONT (INNER) and 74151-S3Y-000 FENDER, LEFT FRONT (INNER) and part front/under bump don't know name of this part, but it is totally missing. The fenders (inner) got shredded somehow by last owner so going to have to replace them.
Toaster 01 Insight MT(A/C) 163k

Installed 3 button nob w/flame icon

Future Mods:
*Install Kill switch to 3 button nob
*Replace missing car front aero panel & inner plastic fenders
*Radio antenna w/stub & radio w/usb port radio
*Security system w/key fob+tinting
*Minor body work/misplaced clips?
*Buff/Replace headlights w/Sylvania 9003
*Rebuild my original pack w/good used sticks (need stick providers plz pm)
Pm any help/tips/suggestions
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