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Also wondering if any others close to the Fort Worth area that I can borrow a grid charger for a weekend until can get the funds to make my own. Buddy I had that has one is out of town :'( and I am still learning this electronics stuff. Just need to figure out how exactly to do it then order the parts and put it together. I am determined to make my own!
Toaster 01 Insight MT(A/C) 163k

Installed 3 button nob w/flame icon

Future Mods:
*Install Kill switch to 3 button nob
*Replace missing car front aero panel & inner plastic fenders
*Radio antenna w/stub & radio w/usb port radio
*Security system w/key fob+tinting
*Minor body work/misplaced clips?
*Buff/Replace headlights w/Sylvania 9003
*Rebuild my original pack w/good used sticks (need stick providers plz pm)
Pm any help/tips/suggestions
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