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Originally Posted by kill-9 View Post
I recently (a day after I joined the forum) filled up all but about 3 L of my tank with 89 octane. I've been told that depending on the car, it can make a big or small difference. so far, Ive gone through roughly 34L of my tank and I am at 400 KM, making it 8.4 L/100KM (27 MPG) which is WAY better than my previous 13 L/100KM (18 MPG). So far it looks to be worth it.
Don't make conclusion by filing one tank only. You get better FE, not ONLY because of switching octane. Maybe you drive on different routes, at different speed, in different mood or that pump fills your tank more than the others(so you can go further). Try at least 3 tanks. If you get 50%+ FE consistently, then keep using 89. Maybe you should try 91 later for even better FE. But, for my car, getting 40mpg with 87 makes me happy already. I don't expect it will get 60mpg by switching to 89 or 91.
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