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Originally Posted by serialk11r View Post
Oh lol, 4500rpm max, that sounds like a good candidate for a compression ratio increase + lean burn haha. 9.5 plus a detonation prone design will help the mix actually burn at 17 or 18+ AFRs and advance should be easy to dial in since there's only a small range of speeds.
According to the owner's manual the engine shouldn't be run at that RPM for over a minute. 3,800 is about the highest constant RPM. Not that these engines can't be modified to do more. With the right modifications, this little engine can push a Bug down the 1/4 mile in less than 10 seconds! I think the record in a Bug is something around 6 seconds! But the original design was "the car that costs the same as a used car new." It also was rated to get mid 30's in MPG. Not bad for a 1930's design!

When you say "detonation prone" do you mean it'll be pinging all over the place or do you mean it would be pinging all over the place with a rich AFR?

Of course I have that fully adjustable distributor with a 31 x 31 fully custom spark table. I plan on doing a very thorough tune on both jetting and ignition timing, basically as close to a dyno tune as possible.
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