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It's worth noting that the Giant Revive is part of a "semi-recumbent" or "crank forward" class of bicycles. The issue with the crank forward layout is that the natural aero is almost as bad as you can get in a bicycle (Dutch bikes are probably worse). However, it allows getting a foot down easily while still getting full leg extension (which can't be said for conventional bicycles), it's more comfortable than a conventional bicycle (but less comfortable than a recumbent), and the layout enables the use of conventional bicycle parts - it's just got the crank a bit further forward.

Also, re: power into the pedals, if you have low power output, you can get more power into pedals directly underneath you (because you can use different muscle groups to get weight off the saddle and then your body weight helps add torque), but if you have high power output, you want a seat back, and the further ahead of you the pedals are, the better, because you can then brace against the seat and provide much more torque than your body weight allows.
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