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Hi all.. 1st post. Solar would be a great idea. A little off topic but if you couple the "alternator kill" switch idea with the use of a battery charger at home when your car is in the driveway..then you would not be using any alternator drag to recharge your battery. You still have to pay...its not free it just ends up on your electric bill...I have not done the calculations but I am sure the cost is minimal to charge your battery.

Depending on your work schedule you could put your solar array where you park at home for recharging purposes...

I know without the use of the headlamps that I can go almost a week without an alternator (found out this out on accident when my alternator fried). If you monitor your batt voltage when you see it getting low you could flip the switch and engage your alt. again.

I have also put in a request to have my place of buisness allow me to plug in my car every day (if necessary).

I have a CPU controled battery charger that changes from charge mode to maintain mode automatically.

I have heard charge and discharge of a standard car battery will decrease its life span....not sure. A deep cycle may be more suited for this.

Also what about a solar array in the back window area inside the vehicle.

Great ideas...keepem comin.




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