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Johnny M -

After reading your thread I got my act together and copy-catted this one from :

Free Stealth Antenna Mod w/ Pics - SaturnFans Forums
Here is a stealth antenna mod that costs nothing and works very well. (done on a '96 SL2)

Tools needed:
1. #15 torx driver
2. 10mm wrench
3. pliers
4. flat head screw driver

Step 1: remove door jam shield (in front of the side mirror) by unscrewing the torx screw inside the door jam.

Step 2: remove weather panel by unscrewing the five torx screws just above the weather stripping around the top of the door.

Step 3: Unscrew antenna with pliers (or adjustable wrench). Remove the screw on the antenna bracket closest to the rear of the car with 10mm wrench. Force the bracket downward on this end using the screw driver. After the bracket is at desired angle (mine was about 130 degrees) re insert the bracket screw (easiest to do with a 10mm socket wrench). Screw in the antenna.

Step 4: re-install the weather panel with the antenna underneath (careful not to harm the weather strip) and the door jam shield.

Step 5: Test your radio reception and enjoy.

I noticed no real difference in FM reception after doing this mod.

I was afraid of reception problems. The first day I thought I was going to have problems, but I think it was in my head. It's worked fine for over a month now. This is another "S-Series only" mod that works like a charm.


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