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Originally Posted by BlackDeuceCoupe View Post
You didn't ask, but...

My ride has short gears for racing. I'm a little over 3500 RPM @ 60 MPH!

Doesn't *seem* to affect my gas mileage much though. It's the BSCF that matters, e.g. revs & torque NOT just revs!

The majority of my B16A2's torque comes in high in the RPM range, so... it's a perfect storm, if you will!

Engine efficiency varies with speed and torque, as can be seen by plotting Brake Specific Fuel Consumption.

Anyway, if you're convinced that higher octane gas makes YOUR car run better, have at it! I don't wanna burst any bubbles...
Well the idea of posting this WAS to burst my bubble if I was wrong, and hey I very well could be. We'll see next tank of gas

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