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my car used to ping like a mofo on 87 at part throttle but went away when it was floored. the 89 cured the part throttle pinging. if i drove very gradual which isnt as efficient and do not load the engine, it didnt ping with 87 but i do need to accelerate quite often. the price betwen grades is a dollar per tank give or take. if you have any audible ping with 87 you need to lower your timing or clean your combustion chamber. if you can hear pinging your engine was getting damaged way before that. i come from the boost side of fun so even 91 in my other car is substandard.

my mileage got better in the aspire with the lower octane but its because i had to change my driving practice to not detonate. no spirited driving. newer cars have sophisticated knock sensors that pull timing when knock is occuring but less timing means less power. your 'pulse' wont be as good as if the engine was operating perfectly.
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